Continuing Education Courses

Come learn practical tools and business principles for your holistic health practice. We offer a series of Webinars through to offer convenient, low-cost continuing education opportunities.   The seminars will emphasize the business aspects of a holistic health practice. Often many practitioners are great and skilled at technical knowledge but are lost when it comes to the business side of practice. Save yourself time, money and burnout with these tested techniques from over 15 years of experience. Many sessions will also be geared towards new skills in yoga, massage, fitness, nutrition and energy healing. Webinar Benefits

  • Participate live at specified dates or watch on demand anytime
  • Free booklets and pdf of guides and information presented during Webinar
  • Embedded audio, no need to dial in by phone (save mobile minutes)
  • Convenient, low-cost (just $99) for continuing education (save on travel, hotels, and vacation time)
  • Register for one and save 10% off future sessions
  • Easy on-line registration
Upcoming Webinars ( Register Here $99 for any Webinars )

3/14/2013, 12:00-2:00 p.m. CST: How to Open & Grow a Yoga, Massage or Nutrition Studio

  • The importance of the business plan
    • Market Research
    • Establishing a niche business strategy
    • Securing financing/working capital
    • Organization structure: partnerships, LLCs, sole proprietorships
    • Planning an developing service lines
    • Making a profitable business model
  • Renting, buying a space or starting in your home
    • Negotiating lease agreements, expected costs
    • Leasehold/building improvements
    • Insurance types and options
    • Common operational fees
  • Hiring instructors, contractors vs. employees
    • Setting up a pay-scale structure that motivates instructors
    • Documentation
    • Hiring and auditions
  • Marketing and Promotion without spending all of your revenue
    • Websites, Blogs, Social Media
    • Guerilla marketing
    • Local marketing
  • Yearly Marketing Planning
    • Service expansion
    • Running multiple studios
    • When to get a bigger space
    • When retail works
    • Selling nutrition products and supplements
  • Achieving work-life balance as an owner
    • Personal finances
    • Continuing education
    • Studio mentorships and work-study
    • The realities of business ownership
  • Workshops and Teacher Trainings
    • Yoga Alliance and IAYT
    • Negotiating workshop contracts from visiting instructors
    • How to start a teacher training program
    • Becoming a Registered Yoga School

4/25/2013, 12:00-2:00 p.m. CST Presenting Workshops on Yoga, Massage and Nutrition Workshops

Learn how to deliver dynamic, interesting workshops to inspire and motive other holistic health professionals.  You will learn how to tailor and bring ordinary topics to life.  We’ll cover:
  • Defining and narrowing topics
  • Overcoming public speaking phobias
  • Adding flares and personal stories for interests
  • Emphasizing takeaways and using informational anchors
  • Working with professional organizations to become approved CEC providers
  • How to price your workshops
  • Negotiation speaking contracts and arrangements

5/16/2013, 12:00-2:00 p.m. CST Weaving Ayurveda into Yoga Classes, Meditation Practice and Daily Living

Ayurveda is the sister science of yoga and offers low-cost, ways to improve lifestyle and health as the traditional medical system of India. This course will offer practical tools for yoga teachers and practitioners to integrate yoga into nutrition habits, yoga practice, mediation practice and other aspects of daily living.  The session will cover:
  • A primer on Ayurvedic philosophy
  • Understanding dosha analysis
  • Distinguishing Ayurveda and yogic diets
  • Cleansing techniques
  • Foods for balancing the body and mind
  • Types of yoga/meditation techniques for the doshas
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