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Kansas City Corporate Wellness Programs Overview

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Specializing in Chair Massage, Wellness Presentations & On-site Yoga Classes

We partner with small and medium sized employers to develop customized corporate wellness programs to reduce costs and improve employee health outcomes.

Have you considered what your organization is doing to mitigate stress, cut down on healthcare costs and improve the overall working environment?

The American Institute for Stress cites that 75 percent to 90 percent of visits to the doctor are for stress-related problems.   And problems at work are strongly associated with health complaints and costs–even more so than financial or family problems.  KCFitnessLink offers several corporate wellness solutions, including Kansas City chair massage, onsite yoga/fitness classes and wellness seminars to reduce stress so that your employees work and feel better.

Our wellness programs are customized and flexible for budgets of all sizes.  Some employers choose to sponsor 100 percent of corporate wellness program activities, some choose cost sharing with employees and others choose to allow employees to pay fully for our services.  Regardless of what you decide, our programs are perfect for health fairs, relaxing Fridays, retreats, team-building and showing employees that you care.

Call us today at 816.256.4443 to discuss how your organization can get started. We’ll help you decide what is best for your organization, the amount of  space needed, logistics and more.

Thank you for your time and consideration.  We look forward to talking with you.




Lunchtime  Corporate Wellness Presentations

            • 45-60 minutes
            • Flexible scheduling
            • Custom topics for your employees
            • Price: ………$375



 On-site Chair Massage

            •  10-30 min. increments
            • Seated chair or seated hand/foot reflexology sessions
            • No need to disrobe, no messy oils, perfect for desk workers
            • Price:…….$1/min (+$35 outcall fee, 4 hour minimum)


Corporate-Yoga-Class-Kansas City Onsite Yoga & Fitness Classes/Corporate Membership

            • Onsite or off-site mat or chair-based classes
            • Tailored to meet your needs from stress reducing/meditative to athletic/fitness-based classes
            • 45-60 minutes onsite classes
            • Flexible scheduling
            • Option 1:  Employee Sponsored, $1000 Annually
              • 10% Discount Program on any offsite classes at KCFitnessLink for employees
            • Option 2:  Employer Subsidized, $2,500 Annually
              • 10% Discount Program on any offsite classes at KCFitnessLink for employees
              • Includes 4 onsite classes and one onsite lunch and learn
            • Option 3:  Employer Sponsored Fully and Priced By Employer Size Annually
              • Includes 10 onsite yoga classes and two onsite lunch and learns 
                • i.      0-5 Employees, $2,500
                • ii.      5-10 Employees, $5,000
                • iii.      20-50 Employees, $16,800
                • iv.      50-100 Employees, $28,000
                • v.      100+ Employees, $48,000
            • Option 4:  Onsite Classes Only
            • Prices:
              • 1 class:  $125
              • 12 classes:  $1,400
              • 24 classes:  $2,760
              • 48 classes:  $5,040