Holistic Health Coach Certification and Nutrition Certification

Our holistic health coaching curriculum is designed to help you counsel individuals to make better lifestyle choices when it comes to lifestyle, finding balance and de-stressing. Our program is holistic in nature—it considers the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of health along with the physical body. The program draws lifestyle, exercise, mediation and nutrition concepts from yoga, Ayurveda and Western medicine.  Upon graduation students  can register for board registration with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP).

Our approach:  our program is non-dogmatic –it DOES NOT focus on one particular approach (e.g. vegan, raw, Paleo, etc); rather we focus on several important considerations to help you counsel your clients as a health coach in ways that meets their philosophy on food, spirituality, the environment and cultural demands.

 About the course

  • 650 hours of study (approximately 16 months)
  • Curriculum:  study yoga, meditation, nutrition, Ayurveda, anatomy, pathology, lifestyle coaching, business
  • Delivery:  100% online, start anytime, complete anytime at your own pace. There is no formal academic calendar.
  • Finance:  Ask about our enrollment discount or use our convenient payment plans